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Six Hickory Growth Advisors

Meaningful Growth Requires a Focused Approach

About Us


Six Hickory Growth Advisors helps organizations grow by solving specific business problems, developing people growth plans, identifying and monetizing it's clients unique competitive advantages, and aligning growth goals with operations strategies. 



Growth companies can have all of the best laid plans on paper but oftentimes need a focused approach to ensure the strategic plan comes to fruition. Six Hickory Growth Advisors partners with your C-Suite to provide strategic plan review, operational strategy recommendations and specific metrics to track and deliver meaningful financial growth.


At Six Hickory, we specialize in helping our clients achieve their growth goals through aligning strategy and operations and anticipating challenges before they arise. Including creating operational road maps and managing headcount growth and all that comes with it. 


Does your organization have a complicated business problem that keeps you up at night and have limited resources to focus on solving it? Is your management team fully aligned on the strategy that will drive your business growth? Has your historical growth brought your business to its knees and additional growth seems daunting? Six Hickory advisors has decades of experience solving complex problems, aligning management teams and removing the road blocks that are standing in front of business growth. 



“Six Hickory was able to quickly identify the gaps in our portfolio company's growth strategy. They provided the perspective we needed to invest in strategic partnerships that was a game changer for our growth. ”

CEO,  Private Investment Firm

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