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Growth consulting that suit your needs


People are the greatest asset in professional services & solutions firms. While revenue fuels top-line growth, the impact on the organization and people cannot be ignored.  We align organizational and financial growth plans with an operational road map including a tactical roadmap for the people side of growth business from recruiting and retention, to training, compensation/incentives, performance management/metrics and career  pathing. 

Significant growth creates strain on existing operations and can slow down revenue capture and limit growth potential. We work to get ten-steps ahead of your growth plan to ensure seamless expansion into continuous expansion and organizational growth while maintaining strong financial metrics and ensuring appropriate financial investment in operations. 


While your business is growing and leadership is focused on top line growth small leaks in operational efficiency may be growing. Over time, these leaks become barriers to a growth business and potentially make for less attractive acquisition target or lower valuation. 

Our deep dive approach identifies large and small opportunities for significant margin improvement and profitable growth. Opportunities are identified, quantified and prioritized in line with organizational growth goals and desired timing. Structured as a more traditional large scale consulting project, our clients appreciate the comprehensive approach and depth of data to make strategic decisions in an accelerated timeframe. 


Does your leadership team lose several weeks of productivity leading up to Advisory Board or Board of Director meetings due to the large lift required to prepare financial materials, board decks, executive summaries, scripts and Q&A? 


We have decades of experience creating professionally prepared materials for executive level audiences. We can do the heavy lifting for Major Meeting preparation allowing the leadership team to continue to focus on growth goals and reducing the last minute panic towards deadlines. Our leadership teams go into meetings with clearly laid out materials, concise objectives and report a marked improvement in desired outcomes and clarity of next steps. 


Most organizations have important and urgent projects that are unable to be prioritized due to lack of bandwidth, subject matter expertise or budget or investment hurdles.  There are also often looming issues that left unresolved could turn into a hurdle that could grind operations to a halt. 


These are the types of issues that keep management teams up at night. We are able to be an immediate extension of your team to provide momentum and results on these special projects - providing top tier management consulting firm experience with results-focused delivery. 


Operating a growth business in today's complex environment presents challenges for even the most experienced management teams. Organizations often have short to mid-term executive needs for critical issues, during a transition, restructuring or turnaround. Six Hickory can provide interim or fractional C-suite support when you need it most. 

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